Forensic Data


for Digital Forensic Examiners


Course length: 5 days



The techniques and methods presented in this hands-on training will prepare the forensic examiner for evaluating, repairing and extracting data from non-functioning hard drives.


Each student will learn the basics of evaluating a non-functioning hard drive to determine the steps required to bring the drive to a functioning state for retrieving data.


This course does not focus on file system recovery although industry standard tools for logical data recovery are discussed and demonstrated.


This course focuses on the real-world processes required to access data on failing hard drives. Students will learn and work in an actual small lab environment—Nothing will be simulated. The course will include the hands on evaluation and repair of Hard Disk Drives, including:  


1) Electrical problems and how to solve them.

2) Physical damage to the hard disk drive.

3) Identifying and repairing firmware issues with industry standard tools.

4) Identifying internal issues that prevent data access.


This 5 day course covers the following topics:


Introductory information 

  • How hard drives really work and what you haven’t been told as a forensic examiner

  • standard tools for actual data recovery

  • Understanding the Forensic Data Recovery Process

  • Hard drive mechanics

  • Diagnosing the non-functioning hard drive

  • Hard disk drive firmware-What it is and why it’s important 


Hands on Lab Topics include:

  • Soldering basics

  • Chip removal

  • Firmware repair

  • Head stack replacement

  • Platter replacement 


Who should attend: 

Any trained digital forensic examiner that wants to expand their understanding of the physical mechanics of hard disk drive technology and learn the skills required to extract data in a forensically sound manner from non-functioning hard drives.

This includes:  

  • Corporate digital examiners that deal with internal digital forensic examinations.
  • Government digital examiners that have sensitive cases that require clearly defined chain of evidence custody with data not transferable to non-sworn data recovery facilities by law
  • Any digital forensic examiner looking to expand his understanding of hard disk drive functionality or, their understanding of the digital forensic process when evaluating and examining non-functioning hard disk drives.
  • Digital forensic examiners interested in expanding their methods and techniques to include Forensic Data Recovery.


 Course Prerequisites: 

  • This course is an advanced course intended for qualified digital forensic examiners familiar with the basics of computer forensics. Persons attending this course should already be familiar with: 
  • Digital Forensics
  • Standard Digital Forensic Tools
  • Concepts of Evidence Chain of Custody
  • Computer System Hardware
  • Report Writing 


Students will receive with the training a complete small office “Forensic Data Recovery Lab in a Box”.


Cost for this unique course is $3,495.00