Electronic Evidence Collection Course

This two-day course will provide the attendee with hands-on training on how to collect and preserve Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in the most common scenarios.  


The course includes:


Legal Issues


    How is ESI made admissible

    What is chain of custody

    What should be in your affidavits, and how to prepare for depositions, and testifying


In the Hands on Training you will learn:


    How to Set up an affordable ESI collection kit

    Create forensic images of desktops/laptops/removable media using industry standard tools

    Create forensic images of select users Create forensic images of running servers


Students will be provided with all software used during the course. Students will receive 16 hours of continuing education.


Cost for this unique course is $1299.00 and companies who send more than two students to the same class will receive a 25% discount for the third student!


(This course is under final construction and dates for the training will be relased soon).