What is forensic data recovery?

First, Data Recovery and Computer Forensics are not the same thing.


  • One’s purpose is to recover data
  • The other’s is to recover evidence


Some of the processes overlap between the two functions but many do not.


Forensic data recovery is a combination of the two disciplines.


Forensic Data Recovery Defined:

“The forensic acquisition in full or in part of data stored on non-functioning storage media through the use of sophisticated equipment and techniques for the purpose of presenting the data in a legal forum.”

--Todd G. Shipley


The National Forensic Data Recovery Training Center provides the only digital forensic program, originally designed under a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, to address the forensic recovery of data from non-functioning hard disk drives.


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Our upcoming classes include our Forensic Data Recovery for Digital Forensic Examiners course at our new training facility. This course is unique in its approach to teaching forensic data recovery in a hands-on lab environment. The course content was originally developed under a grant from the U.S. Department of Justices, National Institute of Justice.


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Our course offerings include the ATOLA Insight Forensic, Data Recovery course.  This is the only certification course on the use of the Atola Insight data recovery tool. Students will learn the basics of professional data recovery and how the Atola Insight Forensictool can change thier approach to data recovery and forensic examination of hard disk and solid state drives.



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